Rob Van Hoek

Rob Van Hoek is a Dutch artist inspired by nature, in particular cultivated landscapes, which reveal patterns, lines, rhythm and planes. A cultivated landscape lets us into a beautiful world with manmade elements: mown fields, green fallow, a line of trees; all of these create a harmonious image. To capture these patterns and lines an important part of Rob’s technique is to scratch, draw and rub into wet oil paint. All the titles are drawn from song lyrics. Usually, the title is allocated to a painting after it has been painted, but occasionally Rob makes a painting with a particular song in mind. He says: 'On the canvas I put at least 5 or 6 layers of white, gesso-like paint. The brush strokes of these layers give a nice structure. Because I use transparent oil paint in several very thin layers, the structure remains visible, adding much atmosphere to the painting. Instead of adding the paint precisely with a brush, I work the other way around; I put on a lot of paint and then I carefully remove some of it, while “drawing” in the wet paint with a brush, the backside of a brush, a cloth, a tissue, a Q-tip or whatever is suitable for making the lines, the forms, the dots etc.'

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