Andrea Elliot

I started needle felting out of love. As my beautiful dog Elsa aged, I wanted to make a sculpture of her that would last forever. I experimented with wire, clay, paper and then wool. Needle felting gave me the soft huggable likeness I was looking for. I was hooked. after lots of trial and error I managed to make dogs, cats, parrots even unicorns and dragons. I discovered that I could make anything and everything using needle felting. It is a very time consuming intricate art. A barbed needle pushes and pulls the wool until it becomes solid. It can then be sculpted, the top coat is added and eyes, noses and details are added until a likeness is achieved. I have 2.1 BA hons degree in textile design, I did my foundation course at Canterbury college of art. It is an honour to be able to make memorial and living pet commissions. I know from first hand experience the comfort they can bring. The life sized and mini felted Elsa I made are now by my side and keep the treasured memories of our life together alive. No matter how big or small, wild and woolly or smooth coated your pet is, it would be my pleasure to make it for you.

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