Adam De Ville

I am an artist and actor living and working in Canterbury and London. Recent exhibits include Creek Creative, Below 64 Gallery, Beaney Front Room, where I was also Artist in Residence 2016. Current installation work includes 'Something Between Us,' exploring our relationship with the physical book at UCA, King's College and at the Beaney Library. I also illustrate for London-based publishing house Leleo Pekeo. Titles include children's books, 'Richmond Longbottom' and (in development) 'Washroom Minotaur'.

This collection represents a process of stripping back, mining memories, exploring the brief encounters we have with the landscape. These landscapes explore a sense of place that is fragile and transient and yet endlessly pursued, yearned for. As we weave between from one ephemeral moment to the next, what do we leave behind in the places around us? Place as a sort of collective memory, from the pits of nostalgia to the tips of first impressions, shared and forever changing no matter how much we say it always looks the same.

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